A good story and decent sales pitch is one thing, but how about a few comments from those who have actually been on the tours?  Here are a few comments we received from some of the persons who have joined our tours:

"Carsten your efforts in guiding us through Switzerland and Germany where much appreciated. Your efforts to accommodate Darlene in her unique role on the tour were great. In the end she very much enjoyed the tour."

"The tour through Switzerland was excellent. We had certain expectations of this beautiful country and we were not disappointed. The various train rides through the Alps were magnificent. In some ways it was almost too much to take in in such a short amount of time. The visit to the Model Bahn Treff 2005 was also very enjoyable. Have never seen so much Marklin stuff in one place both old and new. And of course I was able to add to my own Marklin collection."

- Win and Darlene Beller, Sacramento, CA


"You can be assured that I am a convert to GET!"

- Norman Champion, New Zealand


"In the last three years I have taken two tours with Great Event Tours with my wife and my dad, both of whom like to go to Europe but neither of whom are European train buffs.  In both instances your tours have provided me with the concentrated and varied experiences I wanted while my traveling companions had the time to relax and do alternative sight seeing.  The ability to satisfy all your customers, no matter their interests, is a great plus for your tour company, and a reason I continue to use your services.    

 Our first tour during the Christmas season was an especially good introduction to your company.  My wife found the German Christmas markets, the spa day, the fairy land castles, and the beautiful, snow covered countryside of the Romantic Road enjoyable.  The train trip to Salzburg and the ability to either visit a layout or to see the wonderful town was great.  My wife and I found that just a quiet lunch at the station restaurant was just what we needed.

 For me, the week of trains, stations, and cities, the museums, the ICE maintenance depot and the yards, the brewery tour, the train layouts, and the hobby shops were incredible.  Concentrated in that week was the most enjoyable time I have ever had traveling.  The trip was fun and smooth because the owner/guide took the worry out of scheduling, transportation, or where to stay and besides was a fountain of information and the paragon of flexibility when it came to his clientís wishes.  It truly was our vacation, just as advertised.

 On the second tour, my worry was the 70 year old friend and my 79 year old father.  I know now that I should not worry as Carsten was the master of the situation.   He ensured that someone like my elderly dad was included and accommodated.  For anyone able to travel on their own but not knowledgeable of what to do and where to go, Carstenís tours are perfect. 

 The young and the old will find his tourís an enjoyable experience and the mix of ages in the groups proves this out.  Their were opportunities to rest, strike out on your own, or follow Cartenís itinerary   And, the trip to the top of the Kleiner Matterhorn at Zermatt, which my dad and I did together, was for us a real bonding experience.  Thank you. Carsten." 

- David Ruebsamen, Woodbridge, Virginia