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Miscellaneous Goodies

Here are some things going on in the Great Event Tours world

of possible interest to train fans and non-train fans alike... 

* Hey, I just got back from Northern Germany, where I got to do some railfanning!  Clikc here to see my trip diary and some pictures...

* In April 2010 I went to one of the greatest steam train spectacles ever!  Click on the DAMPFSPEKTAKEL link above or on this line to see the whole story!

* The CarstenGartenBahn is underway!  Read about the exploits in the great outdoors here or click on the link above...

* Read all about Carsten Ramcke's exploits in Z-scale layout building!  Follow the CarZtenbahn link to see the construction and final result...

* The Great Lakes Chapter of European Train Enthusiasts has a web presence here at Great Event Tours.  Check out the latest pictures of our club layout via the link above.

* Thanks to Dave Thomson and by special request(s), I have added some German train audio to the Great Event Tours website.  CLICK HERE or the link above...

* In addition to running his train travel empire, Carsten is also helping fellow ETE member and Marklin fan Dave Thomson build his Marklin M-track layout.  Follow their adventures via the link above.  

* Carsten's adventures in One Scale have recently been added to the GET website.  Follow the link at the top to read up on the ongoing adventures.

* Want to see Carsten Ramcke's darker side?  Visit his old website at http://www.angelfire.com/mi/carstenr/main.html.  Be sure to check out his rants and raves pages (look for the items under "box of grenades").  What an angry man!