Messe 2002:  Another year of firsts...

It was only five days in Germany, but seemed like much more once I got home.  Perhaps cramming such a short trip full of experiences was what made it seem like a week or more, but whatever the case, I was happy to have spent a long weekend in the company of fellow train friends, the DB, manufacturers of all makes and scales, and good ol' Germany.

I arrived on Wednesday, November 6, a day before my "cohorts" on this tour.  This gave me the day to spend with my 92 year old grandmother who lives near Frankfurt.  Of course, I did manage some time at Frankfurt Sportfeld, my perennial favorite vantage point near the Frankfurt airport. 

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Thursday morning I took the first S-bahn to the airport to pick up most of the gang.  We drove into Frankfurt and spent some time at the Frankfurt Dom and the Römerpatz.  The weather, of course, was cold and rainy, but our spirits were high, and after a stop at Modellbahn Kramm and a piece of butter streusel cake, we were ready for more.  We were obligated to meet Dave Pryor at the train station in St. Goarshausen, and were on the road again by noon.

After picking up Dave, we proceeded to the top of the Loreley, where the rain did little to hamper the breathtaking view you experience at the top of this rock.  Our lunch of breads, sausage and cheeses rounded out the afternoon, and as evening fell we drove out of the Rhine valley to Montabauer, the station on the new NBS from Frankfurt to Cologne.  As luck would have it, we arrived just in time to see not one, but two ICEs blow non-stop through the station at speeds over 150 mph.  It was quite a thrill, watching those trains flash by!

Dave Thomson and Dave Pryor dropped Marc Gesink and me off in Bonn and continued to their hotels in Cologne.  We stayed with my former host family, and political and religious discussions kept me up until well after midnight.  Not a good idea, as tomorrow was Messe day...

The sun was shining (!) when we headed out to the Messe.  We met Dave Thomson, already taking pictures at Cologne Hauptbahnhof, and the three of us spent a good thirty minutes watching train traffic before heading across the Hohenzollern bridge to the Messe.

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We entered the vast hall and were immediately amazed by the vastness of the space, and the astonishing number of vendors present.  It really is impossible to walk through the Messe as a group, so we all decided to join up again at noon.  Away we went, checking out the layouts.

On a personal note:  I had been in contact with Hübner, a large one-scale manufacturer in southern Germany, to act as a call-in person for a television ad they were preparing in the United States, and had also approached them about being their representative in the United States.  I would spend almost half the day discussing a potential relationship with the director, and am happy to announce that I am now Hübner's North American Representative!  So please, BUY HüBNER!

Here are pictures from a few choice layouts, and the Marklin stand.  The first is a narrow-gauge 1:32 layout...

PB070013.JPG (101237 bytes) PB070014.JPG (91621 bytes) PB070015.JPG (82370 bytes)

Here are some pictures from LGB's new show layout:

PB070017.JPG (97143 bytes) PB070018.JPG (102356 bytes) PB070019.JPG (101735 bytes) PB070034.JPG (91720 bytes)

Here some shots from the Roco H.O. layout, built for them last year by the Modellbahnteam Cologne:

PB070020.JPG (99128 bytes) PB070022.JPG (87232 bytes) PB070023.JPG (127184 bytes) PB070025.JPG (134689 bytes) PB070027.JPG (99510 bytes)

Here is the Trix N-scale layout featured in Marklin's booth:

PB070028.JPG (116599 bytes) PB070029.JPG (110608 bytes) PB070030.JPG (111870 bytes) PB070031.JPG (95472 bytes) PB070032.JPG (97604 bytes) PB070033.JPG (53632 bytes)

Now some pictures from Bemo's two-sided layout (HOe):

PB070035.JPG (101440 bytes) PB070036.JPG (78413 bytes) PB070037.JPG (102880 bytes) PB070038.JPG (113899 bytes) PB070039.JPG (113759 bytes) PB070040.JPG (105694 bytes) PB070041.JPG (125344 bytes) PB070042.JPG (111080 bytes)

Brawa, among other things, was demonstrating Aristo-Craft trains:

PB070045.JPG (98006 bytes) PB070047.JPG (108850 bytes) PB070048.JPG (119162 bytes)

Once again, school kids from around Germany had worked for months to construct modules that would make up the world's longest model train layout.  Here are some choice entries...

PB070050.JPG (43732 bytes) PB070049.JPG (79656 bytes) PB070051.JPG (67863 bytes) PB070052.JPG (66641 bytes) PB070053.JPG (67243 bytes) PB070054.JPG (64807 bytes) PB070055.JPG (70182 bytes) PB070056.JPG (85466 bytes) PB070057.JPG (66321 bytes)

I was disappointed to see that the Cologne team had returned with last year's layout, but this wonderful representation of the BLS Nordrampe in H.O. is beautiful enough to spend time with again...

PB070058.JPG (55631 bytes) PB070060.JPG (101798 bytes) PB070061.JPG (124060 bytes) PB070062.JPG (122139 bytes) PB070063.JPG (110039 bytes) PB070064.JPG (115582 bytes) PB070065.JPG (98344 bytes) PB070066.JPG (95879 bytes) PB070067.JPG (103690 bytes) PB070068.JPG (95166 bytes) PB070069.JPG (111874 bytes)

Berlin was also represented with this TT scale masterpiece,

PB070070.JPG (26556 bytes) PB070071.JPG (93825 bytes) PB070072.JPG (94349 bytes) PB070073.JPG (114182 bytes) PB070074.JPG (96819 bytes)

Another German club created this brick-making factory in Oe:

PB070075.JPG (79267 bytes) PB070076.JPG (78238 bytes) PB070077.JPG (75143 bytes) PB070078.JPG (104828 bytes)

And Marklin was well represented in Z scale,

PB070080.JPG (112759 bytes) PB070081.JPG (124076 bytes) PB070096.JPG (114213 bytes) PB070097.JPG (90559 bytes) PB070082.JPG (89836 bytes)  PB070098.JPG (88766 bytes)

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PB070090.JPG (118324 bytes) PB070091.JPG (97565 bytes) PB070092.JPG (103749 bytes) PB070093.JPG (113877 bytes) PB070094.JPG (110570 bytes) PB070095.JPG (112929 bytes)

One gauge,

PB070099.JPG (103608 bytes) PB070100.JPG (102413 bytes) PB070101.JPG (100135 bytes) PB070102.JPG (85571 bytes) PB070103.JPG (120574 bytes) PB070104.JPG (118900 bytes) PB070105.JPG (113568 bytes) PB070106.JPG (101880 bytes) PB070107.JPG (115891 bytes) PB070108.JPG (112736 bytes) PB070109.JPG (116357 bytes)

... and H.O. scale...

PB070110.JPG (131280 bytes) PB070111.JPG (116614 bytes) PB070112.JPG (128452 bytes) PB070113.JPG (115560 bytes) PB070114.JPG (82047 bytes) PB070115.JPG (124858 bytes) PB070116.JPG (117342 bytes) PB070117.JPG (96870 bytes) PB070118.JPG (116217 bytes) PB070119.JPG (127515 bytes) PB070120.JPG (121624 bytes) PB070121.JPG (81844 bytes) PB070122.JPG (123725 bytes) PB070123.JPG (129169 bytes) PB070125.JPG (117473 bytes) PB070126.JPG (101875 bytes) PB070127.JPG (125989 bytes) PB070128.JPG (123578 bytes) PB070129.JPG (93463 bytes) PB070130.JPG (102245 bytes)

Pola had built a beautiful layout in G scale to show off their 1:22.5 scale houses:

PB070131.JPG (113449 bytes) PB070132.JPG (91204 bytes) PB070133.JPG (102711 bytes) PB070134.JPG (136959 bytes) PB070135.JPG (116383 bytes) PB070136.JPG (133667 bytes)

Of course, there were many more beautiful layouts and trains.  If you want to see them, you may have to wait for the video (www.getrichslowvideo.com), or come along on the tour next year (www.greateventtours.com)...

Friday evening a large group of us headed into Cologne for dinner.  I ducked out at one point to become Hübner's spokesperson on a home shopping network spot they had purchased.  The German beer (and pointers from the gang) helped to turn away the butterflies.  I got home late that evening, my mind reeling with the exciting things that I had seen, and the visions of train-related fame that danced in my head...

Saturday I spent the day with friends in Bonn, with the exception of a late-night visit to the Bonn station.  But Sunday was once again all about the trains.  The day began, luckily enough, with a cab ride in a BR143 electric to the Eisenbahnmuseum at Bochum-Dalhausen near Essen, where I ran into Peter Verheyen (in the cab of the Köf below) and his family.  The wide variety of rolling stock at this museum made the outing truly unique.  I love that BR93, and the akku Triebwagen!

PB090137.JPG (60495 bytes) PB090138.JPG (67450 bytes) PB090139.JPG (88584 bytes) PB090140.JPG (97542 bytes) PB090141.JPG (91409 bytes) PB090142.JPG (62112 bytes) PB090143.JPG (102960 bytes) PB090144.JPG (89776 bytes) PB090145.JPG (100149 bytes) PB090146.JPG (130019 bytes) PB090147.JPG (86478 bytes) PB090148.JPG (111325 bytes) PB090149.JPG (81020 bytes) PB090150.JPG (87265 bytes) PB090151.JPG (70772 bytes) PB090152.JPG (112185 bytes) PB090153.JPG (74535 bytes) PB090154.JPG (107309 bytes) PB090155.JPG (105193 bytes) PB090156.JPG (79498 bytes) PB090157.JPG (112354 bytes) PB090158.JPG (101246 bytes) PB090159.JPG (79551 bytes) PB090160.JPG (84600 bytes) PB090161.JPG (92677 bytes) PB090162.JPG (101437 bytes) PB090163.JPG (91332 bytes) PB090164.JPG (99162 bytes) PB090165.JPG (103950 bytes) PB090166.JPG (79941 bytes) PB090167.JPG (85519 bytes) PB090169.JPG (93783 bytes) PB090170.JPG (87531 bytes) PB090171.JPG (82889 bytes) PB090172.JPG (78296 bytes) PB090173.JPG (112109 bytes) PB090174.JPG (96200 bytes) PB090175.JPG (121148 bytes) PB090176.JPG (90782 bytes) PB090177.JPG (91333 bytes) PB090178.JPG (64013 bytes) PB090179.JPG (98827 bytes) PB090181.JPG (94120 bytes) PB090182.JPG (85046 bytes) PB090183.JPG (76517 bytes) PB090184.JPG (75235 bytes) PB090185.JPG (77109 bytes) PB090186.JPG (93287 bytes) PB090187.JPG (81548 bytes) PB090188.JPG (82056 bytes) PB090189.JPG (67647 bytes) PB090190.JPG (96796 bytes) PB090191.JPG (61565 bytes) PB090192.JPG (100589 bytes) PB090193.JPG (55934 bytes) PB090194.JPG (48596 bytes) PB090195.JPG (72897 bytes) PB090198.JPG (73508 bytes) PB090199.JPG (92043 bytes) PB090209.JPG (95173 bytes)

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In addition, here are some pictures that Peter Verheyen took that day.  The second picture shows me with the train engineer who had given me a cabride earlier.  You see, after I left, he noticed that I had left my hat and gloves in the cab of the locomotive.  On his way back (the train reversed direction just a few stops down the line) he was kind enough to run out of the control cab when he got to Bochum-Dalhausen and hand them to me, as I was (luckily) still on the platform.  It's one thing to be kind enough to allow an American train fan to ride in the cab, but quite another to risk making your train late to return his hat and gloves.  Here are Peters pictures:

Pb090047.jpg (449037 bytes) Pb090048.jpg (436814 bytes) Pb090049.jpg (435432 bytes) Pb090050.jpg (435964 bytes) Pb090064.jpg (420964 bytes) Pb090066.jpg (449704 bytes) 

The day (and the trip) were rounded out with a visit to "Die Deutschlandreise", one of the largest Marklin layouts in the world.  This magnificent layout features eighteen separate loops of track on nine levels, eighteen staging yards, and full individual digital control on each.  The scenery spans Germany from the North Sea to the Alps.  Here are pictures from this unique layout, located next to an old coal mine in Gelsenkirchen...

 PB090216.JPG (53171 bytes) PB090217.JPG (69767 bytes) PB090219.JPG (86332 bytes) PB090218.JPG (80503 bytes) PB090220.JPG (108520 bytes) PB090221.JPG (105066 bytes) PB090222.JPG (99274 bytes) PB090223.JPG (93575 bytes) PB090224.JPG (62849 bytes) PB090225.JPG (98884 bytes) PB090227.JPG (109233 bytes) PB090229.JPG (95080 bytes) PB090230.JPG (94180 bytes) PB090231.JPG (72479 bytes) PB090232.JPG (94910 bytes) PB090233.JPG (102395 bytes) PB090234.JPG (100038 bytes) PB090235.JPG (100473 bytes) PB090236.JPG (100611 bytes) PB090237.JPG (92809 bytes) PB090238.JPG (79844 bytes) PB090239.JPG (90073 bytes) PB090240.JPG (73387 bytes) PB090241.JPG (93163 bytes) PB090242.JPG (94225 bytes) PB090243.JPG (104474 bytes) PB090244.JPG (114791 bytes) PB090245.JPG (85880 bytes) PB090246.JPG (98883 bytes) PB090247.JPG (96036 bytes) PB090248.JPG (87593 bytes) PB090249.JPG (99812 bytes) PB090250.JPG (101966 bytes) PB090251.JPG (115939 bytes) PB090253.JPG (132287 bytes) PB090255.JPG (82476 bytes) PB090256.JPG (82495 bytes) PB090257.JPG (75742 bytes) PB090258.JPG (61686 bytes) PB090260.JPG (106176 bytes) PB090261.JPG (85275 bytes) PB090262.JPG (112916 bytes) PB090264.JPG (124453 bytes) PB090267.JPG (117297 bytes) PB090268.JPG (112212 bytes) PB090269.JPG (92753 bytes) PB090270.JPG (87563 bytes) PB090271.JPG (116500 bytes) PB090272.JPG (113486 bytes) PB090273.JPG (95633 bytes) PB090274.JPG (94712 bytes) PB090275.JPG (95532 bytes) PB090278.JPG (92389 bytes) PB090279.JPG (103775 bytes) PB090281.JPG (72772 bytes) PB090283.JPG (78621 bytes) PB090286.JPG (117084 bytes) PB090287.JPG (61694 bytes) PB090288.JPG (77770 bytes) PB090290.JPG (62334 bytes) PB090291.JPG (100901 bytes) PB090292.JPG (83778 bytes)

After spending a bunch of time admiring the scenery, we were offered a private tour "behind the backdrops" to see the inner workings of this layout.  Some neat stuff!  Needless to say, it was another long evening, and tomorrow would be an early day, as Marc and I were headed to the airport for our flight home.  With the clouds breaking up, I was able to watch Germany disappear below my window in the airplane.  I followed our progress that previous Thursday from Frankfurt to St. Goarshausen and onwards to Cologne before the clouds obscured my vision once and for all.  With a stack of train magazines awaiting me, it wasn't long before I was engrossed in the latest articles about the DB.  The flight would go by quickly...