ETEGL Layout visits Ft. Wayne, Indiana

On Halloween weekend 2005 the ETEGL layout, now a whopping 18 feet by 30 feet, made its first trip ever to the state of Indiana, to attend the Great Western and Atlantic Train Show (GWATS) in Ft. Wayne.  With our best turnout yet, we were able to have the layout up and running in record time.  No fewer than five members brought their wives, giving us a total group turnout of twenty people!

Dan Roe (left) and Paul Berry (right) look concerned...

This picture, and all the pictures on this page, are courtesy of ETEGL photographer Kurt Miska

Certainly the highlight of the layout was the first formal showing of Adrian Wegener's pneumatic lift bridge.  Thanks to his design, many of our members will be spared life-long lower back pain, plus the bridge makes quite an attention-getter!  The ETEGL had the bridge scheduled to open every hour on the hour.

Adrian Wegener's lift bridge, with a group of enthusiasts watching on.  Note the Great Event Tours display in the background...

Dan Driessche did his usual excellent job of keeping us all fed.  Dan had brought German-style rolls, along with Westfalian ham and cheese, and proceeded to make sandwiches for all interested members.  He also generously donated delicious German beverage and had even brought a small portable stereo, plus a selection of German polkas and drinking songs.  Bravo for helping with great atmosphere, Dan!

Dan Driessche (left) and Paul Berry behind Dan's extensive station and brewery modules

Dan Driessche prepares lunch for a hungry but appreciative group

Dan (left) with fellow club members Dan Roe (right) and Hartmut Heun (center)

Along with the layout, our club had an information table with a 1-scale Maxi train running its circles, some introductory literature and European train magazines, and a Marklin H.O. scale starter set, donated by the ETE and EISENBahn Model Trains, as a raffle prize. 

The information table at the ETEGL stand

In all, despite low attendance, the show was great fun!  We continue to amaze audiences with the layout's working catenary, and kids continue to enjoy the various interactive aspects to our layout.  One new addition:  Paul Berry has modified the track below the Biestchtal bridge to allow kids to run a train by the push of a button.  Nice work, Paul!  Also, thanks to the continued development of member Bill Bosse's interchange modules, we were able to smoothly change out trains and run a wide variety of consists, from three different models of the Rheingold to long freight trains, plus the ever-present ICE!

Dan Roe's Austrian consist on approach to the Biestchtal viaduct

Our twenty-car ore train crosses the Bietschtal.  Note Thomas on the track below!

Tear-down took only an hour, a new record for the ETEGL, thanks in large part to the help of the wives and girlfriends who had come down for the weekend.  We headed home Sunday evening with our minds whirring with ideas for improving the legs and travel racks for the modules.  I hope the enthusiasm stays until our next get-together and modular layout showing, slated for early 2006...

Oh, did I mention that Great Event Tours was in attendance as well???