Lost... and found

The CarstenGartenBahn

Part 2:  Dirt.  Lots and lots of dirt...

Okay, so with the lower level done, I needed to find some fieldstones to build up the retaining wall between the lower and upper levels.  Easy enough, right?  WRONG!  I had NO IDEA it was that hard and expensive to get a couple dozen fieldstones!  My first venture to a landscaping shop resulted in an estimate of over $200!  Ouch!  Well, after several weeks of searching, I finally came upon a farmer with an impressive rock pile, who sold me the rocks very, very cheaply.  Still, it wasn't quite enough.  Thanks to a co-worker, I was able to come up with the remaining rocks.  I wasted no time in moving the dirt (a process made much easier by the visit of my much stronger and younger brother-in-law) and tamped down the ground.  It wasn't long before I had even put some tracks down provisionally and added a few trains just to see how my masterpiece might look...

The lower level is down far enough to provide a true visual space between the two tracks.  The train on top is only about three feet away, but looks much farther thanks to the visual interruption the rocks provide. 

Here is the "east" end of the passenger station on the upper level.  A freight shed will occupy the space in front of the siding that the switcher with the two gondolas sits on.

Here is a longer shot of the west end of the station area.  The pond is now buried in place and filled with water.  I found a large flat rock, which provided the perfect excuse to put a kink in the lower track.

Another shot showing the two levels.  The station building will sit directly behind where the short passenger train is sitting.

Finally, here is a long shot of the entire railroad.  As you can see, the siding at the station is long enough to be almost realistic, and the parade route down in front is long enough to provide extended views of the trains as they pass.  Longer trains will also be possible, thanks to the long sidings and decent length of main-line running.  

The track at the far end of the station seems to just end, but will, in fact, go onto a bridge to pass over the lower track and the pond.

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