The Track Plan

The New Crown Jewel

of the Collection

(Instead of a bus on rails, I order boxes of thunder)


April, 2002:  As I mentioned early on in the diary, I was selling off quite a bunch of the 55031 start set to order a Huebner railbus, most noteably the beautiful three-axle passenger coaches.  Well, as any model railroader can tell you, locomotives often seem as or more attractive than cars.  After looking at my current collection (by this time up to three engines and a dozen freight cars), I realized that what I really needed were some passenger cars for my engines to pull, otherwise I would either have engines sitting idle, or I'd have a trio of really short freight trains!  I decided that, instead of the railbus, I would buy some passenger cars.  My first thought was to simply order a few more Marklin 55031 1-gauge start sets and sell off everything but the three-axle passenger cars, but instead I bit the bullet and ordered what has instantly become the centerpiece of my 1-scale collection...


This work of art is one of five Huebner thunderboxes I ordered in March.  I had no idea what a typical train would have consisted of, but Herr Huebner himself responded to my email request for some guidance, and suggested these five cars.  Huebner had a special deal on interior lighting, so I ordered lights for all the cars as well.  I could write pages and pages on the details of these cars, from the intricate details on the undercarriage to the minute details on the car platforms, but perhaps it would be best to let these cars speak for themselves...



Next:  With a train like this, I MUST start a layout!