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Each DVD contains highlights from one of our tours, focusing on the train-related activities with plenty of footage of the model train layouts we visited and the 'real' trains we rode or saw, both modern and historic.  Enjoy hundreds of train layouts, dozens of real steam trains, and nearly a decade of main-line train traffic from Germany and Switzerland!  Plus, if you have purchased VHS copies of these trip videos from Get Rich Video in the past, you'll enjoy a special discount on the DVDs!

Already have some videos, or are interested in some specialty DVDs or perhaps the whole set?  Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see the special offers for new and existing Great Event Tours / Get Rich Slow Video customers!

The 2010 Dampfspektakel

Over the four-day Easter holiday in 2010, several train organizations including the German Federal Railways and the State Railway of Luxemburg organized a special train event in the Eifel region of Germany and along the Mosel River.

The event was a celebration of the 175th anniversary of railways in Germany.  Over 200 special excursion trains, featuring historic coaches and pulled by historic steam, diesel and electric locomotives, traveled along some of Germany's most picturesque railway lines. 

This DVD captures nearly two hours of historic train operations, including a visit to the steam locomotive filled roundhouse at Gerolstein, a parade of historic electric locomotives at the DB Museum in Koblenz, and video of nearly thirty steam locomotives making their way across the German countryside. 

If you like steam locomotives, this DVD is a MUST HAVE!

This DVD comes with the same guarantee as all the Great Event Tours videos - if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason (quality, content, etc), we'll refund your money and have you send back the DVD at our expense! 

Click the image above to enjoy the DVD intro (28MB)

Spektakel 2010

high-quality digital recording and digital editing

Price for the 2-hour DVD:  $19.95


The 1998 Modellbahnmesse Trip

The first video!  It's our first documented visit to the National Model Train Exhibition, the largest model train convention in Europe, affectionately known as the Modellbahnmesse, or simply "Messe", and the video features over a dozen layouts from Z to G!  Digital mastering and editing helps bring out the detail of the original analog recording.  NOTE:  The DVD compilation covers the Messe, but little DB prototype footage.

MESSE 1998

High-Quality Digital Editing

Price for the 60-minute DVD:  $15.00 


If you already own the VHS tape:  $10.00 

The 1999 Modellbahnmesse Trip

There is something for everyone on this two-DVD, two-hour set as we railfan in Austria, visit the Bavarian Train Museum, Spend an afternoon in a Bavarian switch tower, and enjoy dozens of layouts at the Modellbahnmesse (National Model Train Exhibition) in Munich.  Although the video is analog, it has been digitally edited for the best possible picture quality.  The two-hour, two-DVD set features nearly one and a half hours of Modellbahnmesse layout footage!

MESSE 1999

High-Quality Digital Editing

Price for the 2 DVD Set:  $25.00 


If you already own the VHS tape:  $20.00 

The 2001 Modellbahnmesse Trip

Our first "official" tour, and the first digital recording.  This two DVD set runs just over two hours.  Join us as we spend some railfanning time in Belgium and Germany, then visit the large and beautiful Marklin H.O. layout at Modellschau Merklingen in Bavaria.  Admire the now dismantled Marklin H.O. scale PMW club layout, once the largest private club layout in Germany.  Then hop aboard a chartered steam train at the Bavarian Train Museum.  We round out the trip admiring the dozens of layouts at the Modellbahnmesse in Munich.


MESSE 2001

High-Quality Digital Recording With Digital Editing

Price for the two DVD set:  $25 


If you already own the VHS tape:  $20 


The 2002 Modellbahnmesse Trip

Some freight and passenger train footage around Frankfurt and Cologne preface a great Modellbahnmesse with lots of exceptional layouts!  Afterwards we take a trip to the railway museum at Bochum-Dahlhausen and tour the massive H.O. layout at the Deutschlandexpress!  Two DVDs and two hours of DB trains and models!


Messe 2002

High-Quality Digital Recording With Digital Editing

Price for the two DVD set:  $25


If you already own the VHS tape:  $20


The Marklin Modellbahntreff 2003

A little railfanning in Frankfurt and Stuttgart is followed by a visit to ETS (large train store with large garden railway) and two days of the Göppingen Modellbahntreff, Marklin's penultimate gathering of model train layouts, manufacturers, and real trains at Goeppingen Station.  A visit to the large 1-scale layout at Huebner rounds out the two-DVD, 100-minute showpiece.  Lots of layouts at the Treff in all Marklin scales and a large collection of steam locomotives at the station insure that this two-DVD video has something for everyone!


Treff 2003

High-Quality Digital Recording With Digital Editing

Price for the two DVD set:  $25


If you already own the VHS tape:  $20


The 2003 Modellbahnmesse Trip

We're back in Bavaria, with lots of trains and models!  Aside from extensive Modellbahnmesse footage, we'll take a tour of the ICE maintenance facility, visit the Museum of German History (deutsches Museum), and ride a steam train to Salzburg, where we visit a gorgeous HO scale club layout located in an old signal tower!  The two-DVD set times out at just over two hours of trains, trains, and more trains!

Messe 2003

High-Quality Digital Recording With Digital Editing

Price for the two DVD set:  $25


If you already own the VHS tape:  $20



The 2004 Modellbahnmesse Trip

The Messe is in Cologne in 2004, and aside from a Rhine cruise and trip to Wuppertal to ride the famous Schwebebahn, join us as we visit the Eisenbahnmuseum Bochum-Dalhausen and the big layouts at Der Deutschland Express, and the mother of all layouts, Miniatur-Wunderland!  Two DVDs with two hours of trains are sure to please any model railroader or German train fan!

Messe 2004

High-Quality Digital Recording With Digital Editing

Price for the two DVD set:  $25


If you already own the VHS tape:  $20



The Marklin Modellbahntreff 2005

It's our first trip through Switzerland, and the sights are amazing!  We ride to the top of the Rigi mountain on one of Europe's steepest cog railways, then cross the Gotthard pass to the Italian border, where we visit the Galleria Baumgartner, one of Europe's largest model train collections, as well as Swiss Miniatur, an outdoor museum showcasing Switzerland's most famous landmarks, all in 1:24 scale with dozens of trains running between them.  We ride the beautiful Centovalli line to Brig, climb to the top of the Klein Matterhorn in Zermatt, and spend two glorious days enjoying the layouts and historic trains at the Treff!


Treff 2005

High-Quality Digital Recording With Digital Editing

Price for the two DVD set:  $25



The Marklin Modellbahntreff 2007

Another Treff, and another trip through Switzerland!  This time the video showcases an impressive H.O. layout in the attic of the hotel Drei Loewen, the Swiss Museum of Transport (including the H.O. scale model of the Gotthard line), The Jungfrau line to the highest train station in Europe, the huge O-scale layout at the SBB Treff, and the Gornergrat railway in Zermatt.  Finally, we enjoy another glorious weekend in Goeppingen as we admire the steam and historic trains at the station, and the huge number of exhibits and layouts at the Treff.  There's even a visit to the garden railroad at Germany's largest model train store.  Oh, and did I mention the bonus footage of the celebration of the 125th anniversary of the Gotthard?  This two-DVD set is a MUST HAVE for any Marklin, DB, or SBB fan!

Treff 2007

High-Quality Digital Recording With Digital Editing

Price for the two DVD set:  $25


Specialty Video Packages

Are you interested in a particular category of video? 

Consider these money-saving options, or get the whole set at a special discount!


The Great Train Layout Show

This 2-DVD set is compiled from many of the videos above to showcase some of the largest and most beautiful model train layouts we have visited over the past decade.  The two hours of digital video feature some of Europe's most enjoyable model train layouts, including the Private Modellbahnclub Winnenden, the Modellschau Merklingen, the Deutschlandexpress, the 1. Salzburg Modelleisenbahnclub, and of course Miniatur-Wunderland!

Price:  $25.00 for the 2-DVD Set



Nothing makes the hearts of railfans beat faster than the sight and sound of a large steam locomotive belching smoke and steam!  Here is a two-hour homage to those locomotives of yesteryear, with plenty of in-cab and trackside footage.  Enjoy some of Germany's best preserved steam the way we enjoyed it on our many steam train rides over the years.

Price:  $25.00 for the 2-DVD Set


The Great Event Tours Collection

A lifetime of train footage in a single set!  This massive collection features the DVDs of the 1998 Messe, the 1999 Messe, the 2001 Messe, the 2002 Messe, the 2003 Treff, the 2003 Messe, the 2004 Messe, The 2005 Treff and the 2007 Treff. 

That's 17 DVDs with over 17 hours of nothing but trains!  This set is available by special price for only $149.00, That's less than $10.00 per DVD and less than half THE price of purchasing the DVDs separately!  These DVDs are the same high quality as the other sets and are individually packaged and labeled. 

For less than the price of a single locomotive you'll enjoy hundreds of model train layouts with potentially thousands of ideas for your own train layout!  use these videos as a resource or simply collect them to enjoy hours and hours of trains.  The choice is completely up to you! 

Take advantage of this exceptional offer! 

Price:  $149.00 for the 17-DVD Set


The Great Event Tours Add-On Collection

If you already have the last three Treff trips on DVD, then this special offer will help upgrade the rest of your Get Rich Slow Video / Great Event Tours collection to digital media.   This specially-priced collection of our earlier trips contains digitally mastered DVDs of the 1998 Messe, the 1999 Messe, the 2001 Messe, the 2002 Messe, The 2003 Treff, the 2003 Messe, and the 2004 Messe.  All DVDs were created from the original source videotape, assuring you of top quality video reproduction.  At 13 DVDs and over 13 hours of train footage from the late 1990's and the early part of this century, it's a great archive of the beginning of the era VI of the DB, and a "must have" for any Great Event Tours customer looking to upgrade their entire collection to DVD.  And it's available at the extremely affordable price of only $99.00!   If you have been hoping to see footage from the old Get Rich Slow Video VHS videos come out on DVD, now is your chance!

Price:  $99.00 for the 13-DVD Set



If you have any questions about the DVDs, the type of footage, or the quality, please do not hesitate to call us at (734) 846-2433 or click here to email us instead.  Remember, Great Event Tours guarantees your complete satisfaction, or you'll receive 100% of your money back, including shipping!  To date, hundreds of DVDs have been sold to 100% satisfied customers, so purchase with confidence from Great Event Tours!