The ETEGL heads to Columbus...

Aside from electrical gremlins and an ice storm for the trip home, the ETEGL enjoyed a fun weekend of trains and fellowship at the Great American Train Show in Columbus, Ohio the weekend of February 12, 2005.  Here are a few choice pictures (click on the picture for the full size version):

Dan and Kurt.jpg (856792 bytes) Crowds.jpg (764567 bytes)

1 scale models.jpg (710947 bytes) Cow Corner module.jpg (824285 bytes)

Abandoned Station 2.jpg (834208 bytes) Abandoned Station.jpg (848337 bytes)

Dan's Band.jpg (955639 bytes) Driessche modules.jpg (748071 bytes)

Driessche station.jpg (875221 bytes) ETEGLers Chatting.jpg (773356 bytes)

Jan's Crane.jpg (822592 bytes) Kurt plays God.jpg (777535 bytes)

listen to the grinding gears.jpg (625811 bytes) more chatting.jpg (738776 bytes)

Passing the windmill.jpg (843788 bytes) Watching the ICE.jpg (776527 bytes)

In addition to the H.O. layout, the unfinished CarZtenbahn made its debut:

Z scale admirer.jpg (720083 bytes) Z scale premier.jpg (685171 bytes)

Our new staging modules were a resounding success, after a few bugs were ironed out.  Trains could be added or removed without upsetting the running of other trains.  The rolling stock was constantly being changed, without any 'dead time' on the layout.  Great work, Bill Bosse!

Staging Module Analog On.jpg (755013 bytes)

Another highlight of the weekend was the constant train traffic out behind the show venue, where long freight trains passed on four tracks and two levels!

GATS Columbus out back again.jpg (626501 bytes) GATS Columbus Out Back.jpg (570375 bytes)

It was a great weekend.  I'm sure everyone agrees, and we're all looking forward to another great weekend of trains at the GATS in Michigan in March!

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